Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Navigating Ministry Events

Don't Panic. Be Informed.

Holding Ministry Events in this COVID 19 time period continues to be challenging. To assist Parishes and Archdiocese of Denver Ministry Offices with best practices, and to effectively engage Ministry Event participants regarding the COVID 19 context and attendance at a Ministry Event in this time period, documentation has been prepared that outlines basic COVID 19 policies and guidelines for attendance at Ministry Events. Entitled COVID 19: Navigating Ministry Events (in English and in Spanish) this documentation includes a page with home health screening check information (see Appendix I), and ends with an “Assumption of Risk AND Commitment to Abide by Event Ministry Protocols & Guidelines” (see Appendix II).

At this juncture, it is not possible to post an interactive form for ease of processing despite the need for attendee signature. It is hoped that updated, interactive forms can be posted in the not too distant future. It is therefore necessary to print this document out/provide potential participants access to the link, and then have participants review and manually execute the enclosed form (see Appendix II) just prior to attending the Ministry Event (assuming a potential attendee can in fact attend after reviewing the guidance). Ministry Event Staff is asked to please retain returned, fully executed forms within their respective ministry files. Further instruction regarding the length of time the executed forms should be retained will issue at a later date. Prior to issuance to potential Ministry Event attendees, Staff is to become familiar with document content to facilitate participant adherence to policies and guidelines.

Please note that this documentation was not prepared for use with Mass; instructions regarding COVID 19 and Mass attendance were issued some time ago through other channels, and Pastors have already established their respective Mass protocols. If Pastors nonetheless feel this documentation would assist with their Mass attendance protocols, they are of course welcome to use it.

Please also note this documentation is not for use by schools for school attendance by school families enrolled in our Catholic schools. The Office of Catholic Schools (OCS) has issued its own document on the OCS website that is specifically for use by our Catholic schools. THAT SAID, this documentation that is accessible on this webpage can be used for Ministry Events held by schools (e.g., upcoming fundraising events such as golf tournaments, etc.)


Contact Caitlin.Wojtasek@archden.org and she will ensure your inquiry reaches the proper Archdiocese of Denver office.