Step 2

Flocknote 101

Goal: Invite key staff to learn how to use Flocknote

Now that you’ve identified yourself as your parish’s Flocknote Champion (if you haven’t yet, please register here now), getting started is easy:

  1. Decide who needs to be on board

    Work with your priest and key staff to decide who should know about Flocknote early. Take the time to ensure these people understand not only the benefits and best uses of Flocknote. The confidence and excitement your leadership team has will directly affect your ability to have successful on-boarding announcements for the parish community.

  2. Invite everyone to view these training resources together:
  3. Get it on the calendar

    Work with your Pastor to set some great target dates for parish wide on-boarding announcements and events. We recommend identifying weekends that will help get the most people signed up. Dates in the early fall may help you capitalize on the uptick in programming that often happens that time of year, but there is no specific time mandated to begin.

  4. Get your ministries and groups on board
    • Organize your ministries: (Make sure you are logged in with your admin account for this part) The groups you see in Flocknote when you first sign in are just some default groups to help you get started. Now it’s time to edit your groups to make sure all of your ministries and communication efforts are represented and organized like you want them! You can create, edit, reorder or remove groups at any time. Do all of this using the (More) “…” button in the top left of your network page.
    • Your admin team: Have each of your ministry leaders and staff join your Flocknote network using your unique Flocknote URL, found at the top of your web browser (Example: flocknote.com/holycross).
    • Empower your admins: Once your ministry leaders are in, add them to their appropriate groups (if they aren’t on them already), then designate them a “Group Admin” using the “People” tab within each group. Now they have the power.
  5. Add key parishioners and those who can help to make the announcement

    In addition to “Note Senders”, begin signing up engaged parishioners. Getting the community to communicate is exciting and the more allies you have talking about the benefits the better. Now that you have a better understanding of Flocknote, who else could benefit from it?

Ready to launch Flocknote at your parish?