Step 3

Launch Flocknote at Your Parish

Goal: Ensure best possible launch (or re-launch) results.

1. One or Two weeks before launch

Announcements and bulletin covers ask parishioners to bring their cell phones into church next week. Add to your announcements a lighthearted “yes, we are serious, this is the one time we want you to bring your phone to Mass”v may be helpful.

2. Recommended promotional items


To get these items customized for your launch just contact us!

3.  A sample announcement

4. The Most Important Step: Flocknote on-boarding is now part of the process.

After formal launch announcement, adding members to your Flocknote account will continue. Ensure the staff makes it part of the registration process not only for the parish but for individual ministries. Over time, your account will continue to grow.

Sometime after your official launch weekned, you can add contact information you already have

  • Export names, emails and phone numbers (other fields are fine, too) from your central member database. A “.CSV” or Excel spreadsheet file is ideal. (more info here)
  • Export any contacts you have in your Outlook, other email application or anywhere else they might be. (more info here)
  • Ask all of your key ministry leaders to do the same.

No need to reformat, combine files or clean up duplicate contacts (Flocknote takes care of that).

Then, either:

  1. Import these files into Flocknote yourselves and onto appropriate groups (click here for instructions)
  2. Or email the files to help@flocknote.com and we will do it for you!
Still have a few questions?