A How to Guide to Holy Week

use the links below to help your parish during Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week Checklist

Be sure to download the checklist and hang it on the wall!

  • PARISH WEBSITE  |  Update the homepage of your website with Mass times for Holy Week and Easter. Make sure all your other web pages are updated (i.e. staff, ministries) and make sure your contact   information (i.e. address) is easy to find.
  • Schedule Flocknote reminders for Holy Week and Easter Masses/services. Need a refresher on how to schedule a note/text in Flocknote? Look no further.
  • DESIGN YOUR FOLLOW UP EASTER NEWSLETTER  |  Don’t wait! Construct your post Easter newsletter in advance, and schedule it to send within 36 hours of your Easter Sunday Masses.
    • Use an iPad or iPhone and add an Easter video message from the Pastor into your newsletter. Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and include the link in your message.
      • Need a reminder on how to use the note composer in Flocknote? Here ya go.
    • Include an invitation to your parish’s next Alpha or ChristLife Session, a small group opportunity or the next parish social gathering.
  • PRAY, PRAY, PRAY  |  Reach out to a team of parish prayer warriors (every parish has got them), and ask them to offer intentional prayers and sacrifices for all the Holy Week and Easter Masses/services as well as all the needs and intentions of your visitors.
  • UP YOUR HOSPITALITY GAME…AS AN ENTIRE PARISH  |  Remember, hospitality goes beyond your designated parking lot attendees, greeters or ushers. Hospitality is the responsibility of each one of your parishioners.
    • Make announcements now to your parishioners about being hyper intentional about making connections with people they don’t know, especially because they are going to see more of them leading up to Easter. As they connect with new people, remind them to pay careful attention to interests, jobs, and passions that come up in conversation. These are all opportunities to link these new faces with other people in your parish who may work in the same field or share similar interests.

  • OFFER CONCRETE OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEW FACES TO RETURN  |  Encourage new faces to stay connected with you. Some ideas include:
    • Many of the people in your pews have a lot of questions about this whole Christianity/Catholicism thing. Extend an invitation to them to talk to one your parish’s Alpha, Christ Life or RCIA leaders after Mass to get information on how to join an upcoming session.
    • Is your parish set-up with Flocknote? Easter is a great time to welcome people to stay connected to your community. At the end of the Mass encourage them to consider signing up to receive text and email updates about upcoming events at the parish and ways to get involved. Remind them that this tool is simple, their information is secure, and the parish will respect their time.
      • Want to learn more about how your parish can get set up with a free Flocknote account? Look no further.
    • Flyers or postcards in each of your pews that list out:
      • Children/youth ministry information
      • Ministry, volunteer or small group opportunities
      • Upcoming social event at the parish
      • Clear contact information for who to contact to get involved
  • FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP  |   Within 36 hours, reach back out to those new faces who expressed interest in getting connected to your parish. If you haven’t already scheduled it, send that Flocknote newsletter you pre-designed during Lent.