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Successful communication is integral to all we do as faith-filled communities. Both clergy and lay parish leaders now have an intentional channel to receive straightforward solutions and assistance here in the Archdiocese of Denver. In addition to removing any unnecessary burdens (time, money, etc.) and providing the best tools and training, we hope to provide you with a fellow disciple who can help you tackle whatever issue you are facing. Consider this your hub to get all the assistance you need.

What people are saying:

Free tools, inexpensive services, free training, and great resources are all available through the Denver Parish Connect initiative. Our goal is to quickly help you find the tactics that work best for your community and then give you all the support you need to use them well. More than ever parishes need to communicate in ways that serve its local community and, when appropriate, bring the people of northern Colorado together to pray, think and act as one Church.

Isn’t it always better when you can talk to somebody?