Professional grade without the price tag.

Beautiful, Affordable Websites

The Archdiocese of Denver now hosts websites and offers free consultation and design support for parishes. While parishes vary in size and resources, and some may choose to continue to maintain their own website, we want to offer each parish the opportunity to adopt a professionally designed, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-update website that has every feature necessary to serve its community.

Some of our work

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    7 Must Haves for parish sites

    1. Affordability
      In the name of good stewardship in some cases, and out of necessity in most, you can now get a professionally designed site that would typically cost thousands for less than most pay for hosting. In addition to development and hosting, the labor costs associated with updating pages or adding features can add up. Look at your current traffic and ask, “What do we really need and what does it make sense for us to spend?”
    2. Ease-of-use
      Your site needs to be easy to update by parish staff or appointed volunteers. These WordPress sites are incredibly user friendly. We can help your parish staffers learn how to use the site and turning the site over to new staff will be much easier than in the past.
    3. Fully responsive design
      The site will function and look good on any device — desktops, phones, and everything in between.
    4. Aesthetic appeal
      Our sites need to be attractive to modern sensibilities. We can provide branding and user experience in line with current design trends. Your website will provide an image of a Catholic parish that is comfortable and alive in the culture, and our knowledge of parish traffic patterns will help us guide you in choosing features that are essential while avoiding others that aren’t.
    5. Security and stability
      Security matters. We will host your WordPress site on WP Engine. They block tens of thousands of known attacks, update their system every day to ensure even the newest attacks are blocked right away, and offer other features like data recovery, etc. Your parish website the industries highest level of safety and security. Learn More
    6. Promote events and collect sign-ups
      The ability to set a high-level campaign, add new event or ministry specific pages, and free form builder integration can help you not only promote an event, but also eliminate unnecessary paper and data entry hours.
    7. Support and community
      We’ve heard too many “our website exploded” or “the person who ran it left” stories. When we have similar sites we can help each other, share ideas of how best to use the features we have, and get access to new features when they are available. We can also help you recognize what type of traffic your site is getting, what parishioners are looking for, and what types of pages draw traffic at other parishes.

    Have questions? Ready to get started?