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We are excited to share with you some very important information and resources about the implementation process for a new HR and Payroll system that we will be rolling out through Paycom over the next few months. As part of the “How Do We Free Up?” pillar of More Than You Realize, we are striving to streamline all the various HR and Payroll processes across the archdiocese into one easy-to-use system that will make the entire process centralized, standardized, and way more efficient. Simply put, we want to make your life easier and free YOU up so your energy can be redirected towards creating curiosity for the Church, encouraging stronger and deeper touchpoints, and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Learn about the background of how we got here and what the new system will offer you.


Check out the FAQs for answers to your questions! [Updated: 1/31/19]


Learn more about why we’re making this switch by watching Fr. Randy Dollins’ video from the MTYR conference: “How Do We Free Up?

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